Is masturbation a venial

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If you are asking about masturbation as a substitute for marital relations with your wife, then yes, it too is a grave sin, objectively speaking. We discover that God's plan is that we use our sexuality to cooperate with Him in creating new people, and we find that our sexuality has the property of creating and maintaining a bond between a man and a woman. Here, Catholic theologians have a range of interpretations:. If we have done that and have acknowledged and confessed our sin, then we can rest in the knowledge that we have done our best, and that He will forgive us. The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. However, I am 72 years old and, for health reasons, my wife has had a hysterectomy. The Church recognizes, for example, that in the practice of masturbation, psychological factors including adolescent immaturity, lack of psychological balance, and even ingrained habit can influence a person's behavior, and this could lessen or even eliminate moral responsibility. With that in mind, one cannot judge all masturbatory acts to be mortal [deadly] sins that completely destroy my relationship with God and others. Because it feels good?


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